Know About Loyal Polypack Quality & Laboratory

Manufacturer & exporter of high quality woven fabrics, sacks.

At Loyal Polypack Pvt. Ltd., the end product passes through 7 quality check phrases; as a result of which the quality is superior & significantly consistent.

All incoming raw materials are verified; for their respective grades and quality parameters so that we could deliver better results after manufacturing.

Our quality checking phrases; start from the very early stages of the fabric / sacks manufacturing; since blending of raw materials. We monitor and conduct repeated analysis necessary to ascertain that; the consistency as per requirement of GSM; is met; so that the tapes; extracted out of it; gives best results on the looms.

We conduct the following tests to ensure required quality parameters;


Blending Ratios

Manager Production conveys the ratio of blending to the Plant Manager; who ensures that; blending of virgin raw material, fillers, master batches, stabilizers are blended according to the order specific requirements; to obtain desired results.

Tape Plant

We have defined Quality Control Systems which ensures; that the Strength, GSM, GPD properties are met, according to the order’s requirement. Plant Manager closely monitor and initiate immediate actions; accordingly to achieve the accuracy in end product of Tape Plant; i.e. tapes.

Tapes extracted out of Tape Plant are closely monitored twice per lot; for essential strength, denier, tape-width, elongation at break and breaking loads. Results are monitored by Tape Plant Manager. Samples are drawn every hour and the cycle of analysis moves in the same fashion in both the shifts. Up-to-date records are maintained up to dispatch to ensure traceability of lots.

On very rare occasions; if deviations from set specifications are observed winders are advised to stock the non-confirming tapes; separately; whilst the corrective action is immediately taken. Such non-conforming materials are used to prepare wrapping fabric or substitute usage.

Bag Cutting and Stitching

Un-laminated / Laminated rolls / Un-Printed / Printed rolls (according to requirements specified) are then forwarded to the Bag Cutting and Stitching process; wherein they are being cut into required sizes; bottom stitched; and then forwarded to Hemming Section; if required.

Finishing Dept. Supervisor randomly checks output of all the machines for number of stitches, correct fold and size of stitched bags; once the lot is started and repeatedly while it’s manufactured; least twice a day.

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