Our Products

Following below are our range of products manufactured and exported by us.


Loyal Polypack is the brand-name engaged in manufacturing of Woven Fabrics, Woven Sacks & FIBC(s). Our constant research and improvement in our production processes permit us to offer the indigenous and international markets, products with the highest standards of quality and services, all developed to fit the needs of our clients. HDPE/PP Bags may be laminated with microperforations on both sides and have good definition due to the “corona” treatment and flex graphic printing to which the product is subjected.

When we convert these materials into customized bags, they hold form 25 to 2000 kgs. We produce bags form flat and tubular fabric, manufactured in-house, therefore that can be tailor made according to the desired lengths. The flat fabric and bags manufactured by us meets quality standards, which meets to Loyal Polypack and Client Standards. Thus here at Loyal Polypack we offer, top quality product, custom design, individualized service and competitive pricing. We categorize our end-products mainly into following categories :

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